Easter Ribbon
  • There is life after Hostess. And before it too, for that matter. Welcome back, Leske's!

    Debra C.

  • I am buying my treats from you guys because of your Sandy relief efforts. Thank you!

    Monica S.

  • Everyone was so friendly I hated to leave. The kringle and donuts were absolutely delicious.

    Turid J.

  • Cherry pie and butter cookies [from Leske's] this morning, can't wait to eat them!

    Carol H.

  • Thank you Leske's for a great Birthday cake for my son's 2nd birthday party.

    Laura D.

  • Everything at Leske's is so good!…it was the perfect "comfort food" on this rainy day!

    Eileen B.

  • Well stocked [with Leske's treats] and everything is just delicious!

    Martha P.

  • I will never find in all the world a better cake than your Welch Kringla.

    Wendy M.

  • [Leske's] peanut butter & jelly donut was beyond belief in deliciousness!

    Clare C.

  • Time to hunker down with some great cake and coffee [from Leske's Bakery!]

    Vivienne D.

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